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For Maiden Shop Women's 3rd Anniversary we paid a tribute to Georgia O'Keeffe by embroidering caps and tote bags.

These items are exclusively available at Maiden Shop Women starting September 15th, 2023


As we celebrate our one-year milestone since our launch in September 2022, we are thrilled to share the incredible journey we've embarked upon with you.


At Tribu-To, our passion for design fuels our collaborative spirit, allowing us to offer a truly unique experience for retailers.


Over the past year, we've had the privilege of partnering with selected retailers and hosting a series of remarkable events. These experiences have not only enriched our journey but have also allowed us to co-create exceptional capsule collections that transcend seasons.

Our approach is simple yet profound – we pay homage to what we and our clients love, collaborate with skilled artisans, and draw inspiration from unforgettable events. All of this is infused with a hint of humor and a laid-back vibe that sets us apart.

Past & Upcoming Events


Super A Market - September 2022


Super A Market Aoyama held the launch event for Tribu-To. A special 'Create Your Own' set up was created so customers could enjoy customising their own original piece (jacket, vest, sweatshirt). The launch took place on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of September.


MAIDENS SHOP - October 2022

A Tribute To the 'La Fonda' Hotel in Santa Fe. This vibrant hotel is a inspiration to many but especially it matches the vibe MAIDENS SHOP has been portraying for years in their stores. Exclusive collection will be presented for their anniversary on September 16th. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-27 at 09.30.20.jpeg

Style Department - November 2022


For our friends from Style Department we made a very special tribute to a selection of our favourite movies with very delicate, yet playful designs.

Customers can select and embroider on t-shirts, caps, bags, and second-hand clothes collected at the second-hand clothing store Dracaena in Kichijoji.

During this event all items are made to order.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-27 at 10.02.55.jpeg

CABaN - November 2022


Our Tribu-To ‘Botanical Garden’ in collaboration with CABaN was available during their unique Winter Celebration

Our exclusive made-to-order event allowed clients to customize their own vintage pieces with stunning botanical-inspired embroidery designs.


Garden Party - December 2022

Our latest event took place in December where we embroidered a one of a kind Christmas Tree with fun ornaments paying a tribute to Garden Party's way of life. 


Ron Herman - January 2023

For spring 2024 our tribute was to 'Indian Market' @rhcronhermanjp.

The collection includes a variety of stylish and versatile pieces, such as T-shirts, long T-shirts, vests, and tote bags, all adorned with playful motifs that will bring a smile to your face.

The event took place from 28/01 - 05/02. 


Sakan Les Yeux - February 2023

For their 10th anniversary we created military jackets uniquely embroidered with designs inspired on Paris, NYC, Nantucket, Hawaii, London. 

For a week clients could visit SAKAN and customize these designs on tote bags and their own vintage items.

Edifice La Boucle - April 2023

“Tribu-To for LA BOUCLE”

Our latest collection with features amazing designs inspired by nature.

The collection contained short sleeve shirts with camp and regular colour all with amazing detail in the finishing of the shirts and of course our renowned embroidery.


Style Department - May 2023


As the first event was such a great succes we sat together with our friends from Style Department and made a new special tribute to a selection of our favourite architecture with very playful designs.

Customers selected embroidery designs and placed them on t-shirts, caps, bags, and second-hand clothes collected at the second-hand clothing store Dracaena in Kichijoji.


Someone Life - June 2023

For their project Mr Flea Market we helped give new life to their amazing selection of vintage wear.

Embroidery by hand is just the ideal tool to do that. 

Made on selected jeans and shirts only. Exclusively for Someone Life.

361088530_1211929660203774_51736968010046564_n (1).jpg

Lilly del Salone - July 2023


In July we held a personal order event at Lilly del Salone. Clients had the opportunity to customize original items such as coverall jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tote bags with artwork specially designed by Tribu-To

The theme for this event is safari and tropical land.
Japanese fabrics will be intricately hand-embroidered by skilled artisans at our atelier in Delhi, India.


Experience the adventurous spirit of the jungle and beach, along with the beauty of nature, through this collection featuring bold colors and exotic plants and animals.

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